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Green Office for KU Leuven

We inform, connect and support students
to act on sustainability

We are engaged students and staff members ideating and implementing a sustainable future. Our mission is to make our university more sustainable.


At the Green Office, several working groups set up projects to raise awareness about sustainability. Want to discover this year’s projects?

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There are many ways of being involved in the Green Office. You might want to be part of our Green Hands group, become a member, or even a job student.

Latest news

How to tackle the plastic problem?

How to tackle the plastic problem?

In times where we hear each year 8 million tons of plastics go in our ocean, up to 50% of our coral reefs are dying, and every year around 270 million tons of plastic is still produced globally, we wonder: what is the future of plastics? How can we tackle this issue...

Get to know the Green Office

Get to know the Green Office

Want to know more about Green Office membership? Want to contribute to a healthier planet? Want to get to know like-minded people? Get to know us during our second-semester Open Meeting. We’ll give some information about our Green Office and the importance of our...

We are on Quivr!

We are on Quivr!

Quivr helps the Ecosia on Campus campaign to grow. From now on, a little info card will be shown on the dashboard of the Quivr app. Like this, we hope to reach more students and convince them to install Ecosia as their default search engine. Read more about the Ecosia...

Where to find us?

We are active on three locations in Leuven and Brussels.