Sustainability Week

From April 19th to April 23rd we will be hosting our annual Sustainability Week! It is jam-packed with campaigns, discussions and events to raise awareness for climate action. 

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“When writing the report, we were surprised by how much is already happening”

6 November 2019

KU Leuven has launched its first Sustainability Report, a milestone in the university’s climate policy. The report gives a detailed overview of sustainable actions at the university.

In an interview with KU Leuven News, Professor Van Acker, chair of the Sustainability Council, stresses the importance of this overview. “We do a lot behind the scenes. Because these initiatives are so scattered across the different faculties and services, it’s often not really clear what we’re actually doing.”

Van Acker underlines that both staff members and students are already doing a lot to make our university greener. “When writing the report, we were surprised by how much is already happening”, Van Acker says. We are proud to play a role in the university’s green shift.

Read more about the Sustainability Report in this news article. You can download the full Sustainability Report here.