This website is green

31 January 2020

While making our new website, we looked for ways to make reduce our digital footprint. This is what we discovered.

A website’s footprint depends mostly on the way a website is hosted, because web hosting servers consume huge amounts of energy to keep websites online.

The Green Office website is hosted by Ulyssis, a KU Leuven student association that provides web hosting services. Ulyssis uses a server park on KU Leuven property. Since all electricity used by KU Leuven is renewable (source), we know that the Ulyssis servers run on green energy too.

But that’s not all. Ulyssis explains to us that they work with second-hand servers. “Like this”, they explain, “we avoid servers to be dumped after the short guarantee period companies usually use. But of course, we know that older servers also consume more energy. To find a balance, we are already replacing old second-hand servers by new second-hand servers.”

Do you know how we can make our website even greener? Feel free to contact us with ideas.