Ideas to solve the plastic problem

11 March 2020

Yesterday, 10th of March, a panel of experts gave their views on the world-wide plastic problem.

After an introduction by professor Kris Bachus, research manager of climate and sustainability at the HIVA Research Institute (KU Leuven), several companies joined us to present projects they initiate to tackle the problem.

The first company was Delhaize. The retailer recently started a program called The Lion’s Footprint, with which they try to minimize their ecological impact by reducing CO₂ emission, acting against food waste and avoiding plastic (mainly in their food department and in private label products).

DEME, a Belgian dredging company, shared with us their pilot project on the river Scheldt. They collect plastic with a new installation that uses artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation and virtual reality.

Innovided, co-organizer of the lecture, gave us some insights in their project on cigarette buts, one of the most found plastics in the oceans. Innovived is a student team within the Postgraduate Programme of Tech Innovation in Ventures and Teams at KU Leuven.

Of course, the Green Office for KU Leuven presented their working. The Stick to Reusables group gave a preview on their main project: a campaign encouraging students to bring their reusables to shops and restaurants. Soon more about this campaign.

Afterwards, there was room for discussion during a debate. The lecture and debate were closed by a reception.