Interview with Pascale

28 April 2020

Name: Pascale Maas
Project: Brussels

Hi there, could you quickly introduce yourself?

I’m Pascale and right now I’m in the second year of my bachelor in Environment and Prevention Management at KU Leuven Campus Brussels. In my spare time, I keep busy with yoga, travel guiding, outdoor sports and planting trees.

How did you learn about the Green Office and about becoming a project manager?

Last academic year some last year students and I got to know The Green Office viavia. We were wondering why we didn’t have a Green Office on our campus. Instead of complaining why, we took up our own initiative and started our Green Office on the campus in Brussels. To properly establish this sub-organization of The Green Office and turn it into a more permanent organization, I realised we needed more resources in Brussels. Therefore, last summer I sent in an open application to the Green Office in Leuven. And tada, here we are! 

Could you briefly explain your project?

Green Office Campus Brussels is the first extension of the Green Office outside of Leuven. With our Brussels team, we organise events, campaigns and implementations of existing projects in Leuven on the Campus Brussels to make the campus and the community of KU Leuven and Odisee more sustainable. Last semester we were quite busy with setting up everything but we did manage to still organise some events, f.e. a sustainability tour, spin the wheel quiz, a cooking workshop and a crash course on climate change.

In the second semester, we had a lot going on behind the scenes and a lot of activities planned, but just like everyone, we had to switch to online material. Now, we are very active on our social media platforms with the #GOBxlChallenge. Every day we post a challenge in the stories of our Instagram, and we use our Facebook for additional information for the challenges.

What does the life of a project manager at the Green Office look like?

To set-up an organization on a new location, you first have to find out how everything works and what works best for your organization. This requires a lot of communication, problem solving and quite some trial and error. Next to that, you are mainly working with your team members on events, campaigns, communication on social media, finances, recruitment, … you name it. Until now I only talked about the more serious stuff, but in reality, we make time and space for fun activities for the team. This can be simple games during the meetings or bigger team building events. Anyway, we can’t wait to get our vegan burgers and drinks when the lockdown is over!

What support do you receive from the Green Office? 

What I personally like the most about working for the Green Office is the freedom that you get within the projects. For us, members can come up with their own ideas and the Green Office checks if they can provide the proper resources for us. Then we can get started and realize our impact! The Green Office is always reachable if you are in need of advice, mistakes can be made and everything can be discussed in an open and respectful way.

What have you learned from being a project manager and how was your overall experience? 

I learned a lot during my employment at the Green Office last year. From practical skills to soft skills. For example, I never really used Instagram for personal use, let alone for organisational purposes. But luckily, girls of the team knew how to tackle this aspect. This also leads me to my main conclusion: experience comes from the people you surround yourself with. It’s with our team that we realize change and have an impact. Shout out to team Brussels!

Any last tips for potential new project manager? 

Just do it! When taking initiative yourself, you will see doors opening you never had expected. But, before committing to this, know that the function as a project manager comes with responsibility. Only with hard work and long term commitment will you reach your goals.

Are you a student on Campus Brussels? Interested to work in a team dedicated to sustainability? Turning your own impactful ideas into reality? Or even want to lead the Brussels project in the nearby future? Keep yourself tuned for the recruitment moment where you learn what it is like to a member of team Brussels: Facebook Green Office Campus Brussels. Time, date and registration form, coming up next week!

Interested in proposing your own project?

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