Wrapping Up This Semester by Volunteering at CollectMet

18 December 2020

This semester, students of KU Leuven joined the volunteers at CollectMet on a number of occasions – helping to cook food on 9 November 2020 and helping to distribute food to the community on 7 and 14 December 2020.

Collect Met is an initiative by Serve the City Brussels and Cultureghem to redistribute unsold food that is in good condition to the community, thereby reducing food waste. They work with market vendors at Abattoir Anderlecht each Sunday to make sure that the unsold fruits and vegetables don’t end up in dumpsters but instead redistributed to the community on Monday.

 By preventing food from ending up in landfills, we could reduce the CO2 that is released when food decomposes. We are also promoting the right to healthy food for everyone!

“During the whole morning, people with limited means can come and pick up for free one or two crates of veggies, depending on the number of their family members. The volunteers help sort the items in the crates and then distribute them to the “clients”, making sure that the process runs smoothly and that everyone is satisfied. At the end of the morning, they all get to have lunch together, eating food made with the veggies that otherwise would go wasted.”  Bianca, finance manager at Green Office for KU Leuven

“It has been the most fun, exciting and rewarding experience I have had this year. In these times of containment, we often find ourselves so isolated from the society that we tend to forget about the real purpose of socializing and connecting with others. Expressing support and showing solidarity, therefore, it’s more important now than ever, in whichever form it can take. I really hope we can continue to be a long time partner with CollectMet and keep raising awareness about food waste and hunger, and actively partaking in fighting it. That said, this is also such a great opportunity for the students to educate themselves and contribute to where they are currently studying and living. “ – Ha, food project manager at Green Office for KU Leuven

“It was very cold the day when I volunteered, about 0 degrees outdoors. I was a bit excited and nervous at the beginning because I was uncertain about what the task is going to be. The team was welcoming and very friendly, I could feel a positive vibe going around everyone who works there.  The work itself is not difficult, the only struggle I had that day was the cold weather. However when I see people who are also waiting in cold to just get the food supply for their family, I realise how necessary this help is. At the end of the CollectMet, I felt proud and satisfied, the group lunch was yummy. I think I can volunteer again not only to help people but also for the yummy food XD.” – Yuelin, KU Leuven student

Big thanks to all the volunteers for helping to make a difference! The Green Office Campus Brussels will continue to participate in volunteer activities so keep an eye out on our future events!

 See you next semester and happy holidays!