What is the Green Office for KU Leuven?

The Green Office for KU Leuven is a sustainability organisation and by students at our university. The mission of the Green Office is to make KU Leuven and its population more sustainable, in all its facets. Integrated in the university's Sustainability Office, students and staff members work together towards this goal through several projects, events and campaigns.

We are one of many Green Offices established at higher education institutions around the world. We are a proud member of the Green Office movement. Find out more about the Green Office model and its founding organization RootAbility here.

What do we do?

  1. We organize our own projects, campaigns and events, to spread information and raise awareness about sustainability.
  2. We offer a forum for experts to explain and showcase their insights, while sparking off a fresh debate with the university population.
  3. We bridge the gap between students, partner organizations and the university through our network.
  4. We engage students interested in sustainability with our membership program.

Who are we?

The Green Office team is composed of job students and one staff member. Every semester, we invite up to 40 student volunteers to join us as members in one of our project and working groups.

Picture of Ann-Sofie Van Enis
Ann-Sofie Van Enis Coordinator & volunteer manager
Picture of Caroline de Buzzaccarini
Caroline de Buzzaccarini Communication manager
Picture of Eva Schobyn
Eva Schobyn Event manager
Picture of Leen Van Houdt
Leen Van Houdt Network manager & graphic design
Picture of Olga Dombrowski
Olga Dombrowski GO Ecolicious & Nature's Heroes coach
Picture of Kaat Vanhegen and Audrey Vanderghinste
Kaat Vanhegen and Audrey Vanderghinste Living Lab coordinators
Picture of Tom Merlevede
Tom Merlevede Project manager reusable cups
Picture of Emilie Verbeure
Emilie Verbeure Project manager student repair hub


Question? Idea?
Let us know! Mail us at greenoffice@kuleuven.be

Zwartzustersstraat 2,
3000 Leuven

Opening hours
We are currently closed during Summer Break! Please visit us when the academic year starts. Opening hours will be announced soon.