Biodiversify Your Garden • Online Competition

Our planet is sick. More and more alarm bells are ringing every day. Global warming is causing extreme weather conditions and has profound consequences on agriculture and our food supply. In our oceans, fish are being replaced by plastic. Deforestation and desiccation continue to happen. Pandemics are the cherry on top of a cake that is getting more burnt by the day.
Luckily there is a cure to this illness plaguing mother Nature: BIODIVERSITY!
Biodiversity provides a buffer against further warming of the climate, gives oceans and soils the breathing room to recover and is the best medicine against emerging diseases. It takes care of us and our planet! While large areas are required for certain species, it is becoming increasingly clear that small-scale nature areas can also make an important contribution. They do not have to be far from our bed to be meaningful.
For that reason, the Green Office and IAAS are joining hands to challenge you to biodiversify your kot, garden or whatever place is available to you. 🍃
Bonus to helping the planet: Gardening and being around nature is proven to make you happier! Pimping your garden is thus an ideal hobby during the lockdown! Of course, we will also hold a friendly competition with some very nice goodies to be won! (Don’t stress winning, participation prizes a plenty 😉)
Be sure to follow this event on Facebook for further updates as to the rules of the competition and to get a lot of tips and tricks on how to add to your local biodiversity! Also be sure to check out the campaign of #SamenVoorBiodiversiteit for a lot more information about what you can do in the fight for biodiversity!


10 - 24 April 2021


All Day