Panel: What to do with plastic waste?

“In 2025 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish”.
This has become a well known sentence, but how do we prevent it? What are the solutions?
Learn and discover the answers during our panel discussion with four experts who are part of the solution.
Meet the panel speakers:
▪️ River Cleanup: an organization that takes waste out of rivers and riverbanks (both with human hands and smart technologies) and aims to change behavior when doing so. Worldwide they have already saved 892184 kg of waste (and counting)!!
▪️ UpCycling Plastic, also known as Upp!: a social enterprise that closes the plastic waste loop locally and in a circular way with projects in Vietnam, the Netherlands and Singapore.
▪️ Dr. Tim Van Emmerik: professor (assistant) at the Department of Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management at Wageningen University, who has done research on macroplastics and rivers.
▪️ Dr. Colin Janssen: professor at the Department of Animal Sciences and Aquatic Ecology at UGent, who has done research on microplastics and the North Sea.
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25 March 2021


19:00 - 20:30