Green Office Membership

Studying at KU Leuven and looking for more? The Green Office for KU Leuven offers a special membership program for students who enjoy working together on sustainable topics!

Attention: we will not recruit any new members in the second semester. In case you are still very passionate to join the Green Office, please send us an e-mail with your motivation and we will consider your membership request.


Being a member at the Green Office, what does that mean?

As a Green Office for KU Leuven member, you can make our university more sustainable. What you exactly do, depends on your own interests: you can join an existing team, project or working group or you can propose your own project.

What do you expect from me?

You are motivated to work together with other students and staff members on projects, campaigns and/or events, on a weekly basis throughout the semester. You join one team, project or working group, communicate with other members and are actively involved in meetings and activities. We encourage everyone to reflect personally on all aspects of sustainability and share their thoughts with the group.

What do I get in return?

The Green Office provides the space, knowledge and means to help you organize your events or implement your project. You will receive support and coaching from the Green Office team. Additionally, we provide workshops, training and fun activities. You will also receive endorsements such as gadgets and a certificate, and you can add your volunteer work to your I-Portfolio.

How do I become a member?

First, you can get to know us during several events at the start of the year: student welcome, kick-off event, open meeting.... Applications for membership start in the beginning of every semester and will appear on this site. Applicants are then invited for an interview and notified whether they have been selected as a Green Office member.

Unfortunately, our member groups are already full for next semester so we will not have a recruiting period in February. If you are still very keen on joining us, please send us an e-mail with your motivation and we might consider your request for membership.

What do I do exactly as a Green Office member?

You can do many things as a member! Together with your team members, you will discuss what you would like to accomplish. Once you have specified your ideas, you start implementing them under the guidance of your coach. Teamwork, communication and planning are key here! Afterwards, you self-evaluate the outcome of your project.

Some groups are open for completely new ideas, other groups will continue with a project that has been started in the past. In any case, we encourage students to take on ownership and responsibilities for their sustainable ideas. We offer support where needed. Besides working on your projects, you will be invited to join the social and educational events we organize.

Check out our projects & topics to see the options!

What our members say

"If you're into sustainability and looking for a community actively working on it in many ways, Green Office is the place to be!"

"The Green Office is a warm group of like-minded students where everyone can be themselves, yet reach for the same goal: making sustainability more easy and expand knowledge of the word in different ways."

"It's really great to have the possibility to work as a team on a project, to make something of it together. I felt like we really could make a difference with our team"


Question? Idea?
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