Given the recent developments regarding Covid-19, we will organize our activities online. Follow this website or our Facebook page to stay tuned.

Ecosia on Campus

Many of us find it hard to contribute to a solution for climate change because as a student you often don’t have that much time and money. Yet they would like to do something. Ecosia offers everyone an easy way to contribute, it is free and you just have to continue doing what you’re already doing: looking things up.

The aim of the project is to make Ecosia more popular at KU Leuven. The goal of the campaign is to make it the default search engine in the libraries. The second goal is to run an online campaign to convince students to download Ecosia on their own laptops and smartphones. We will achieve this via Facebook posts, tree planting events and many more.

Our projects fits into the Ecosia on Campus project, initiated by the University of Sussex, and now spreading out all around the world (Edinburgh, Bristol, Oxford, Freiburg, Paris…).

Did you mean to tell me that you can plant trees while surfing the internet?

Yes, you can!

Be smart, download Ecosia (using this link) as your search engine and plant trees 🌲while surfing the internet. It’s free, respects your privacy and #ecosiaorg plants a tree every 0,8 seconds!

🌿Ecosia uses the money it gets from search ads to plant trees. And this works great since Ecosia already planted +72 000 000 trees with more then 8million active users! They have 20 different planting projects at the moment in different countries like Spain, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Brazil. Go to ( to learn more!

⛔️Privacy is so important but seldom guaranteed on the internet. Luckily you can safely search when you are using Ecosia: the company doesn’t store your search results to create personal profiles, it doesn’t sell your data to third parties, and it doesn’t use external tracking tools! You’ll find more information here.

🌍Ecosia is a transparent company. They very honestly tell us what happens with their money by publishing their financial reports every month. Every month 80% of their profit goes to planting trees. The rest of the money goes to operation costs, ads and reserves. If you want to check out their financial reports go to this blog post.

📈Our own tree counter. Anyone that downloads Ecosia through this link will start to add to the university’s tree counter. The tree counter lets us know how much trees KU Leuven is planting. If you already use Ecosia, you first need to uninstall the extension from your browser and also clear your internet cookies. You then need to re-install Ecosia using the university’s link.

Ecosia on Campus News

Online Ecosia Contest

Online Ecosia Contest

How many trees can you plant while sitting home? 🌳 Share your Ecosia tree count and win beautiful prices, including a Greenway gift card, Ecosia T-shirts, movie tickets and small grocery bags. We will raffle the prizes among all participants. Like the Ecosia page, tag...

Measures against corona

Measures against corona

Given the recent developments regarding Covid-19, we have decided to cancel our activities until the end of March. We are closely following all KU Leuven advices and try to implement them as good as we can. Thanks a lot for your understanding! Do you have questions...

Veto announces Ecosia launch

Veto announces Ecosia launch

Today in Veto, an article about our Ecosia launch. In the article, project manager Eline tells about the collaboration with the university’s ICT service: ‘We wanted to try Ecosia in two libraries, but ICTS wanted to implement it in all libraries and PC rooms.’ Read...