Tap it Up

Did you know

  1. Tap water is 150-1000x cheaper than bottled water?
  2. The production of bottled water costs 2000x more energy than tap water?
  3. Tap water is more strictly controlled than bottled water?

That’s why we

1. Raise awareness

We shared information about drinking tap water and the environmental impact of bottled water though social media and at live events.

2. Distribute bottles

We organised Tap it Up pop-ups, where we gave away reusable bottles from eco-friendly manufacturers to students, so they directly improved their water consumption. If you are in luck, you can still win a free bottle during one of our many events.

3. Install water fountains

Together with the university, we install easy-to-use water fountains for students. Find out where our taps are installed in the map below.

Tap it Up News

Brainstorm about new projects

Brainstorm about new projects

The Green Office for KU Leuven is a place where students can act for climate, sustainability and sustainable development. We want to offer a platform and build a community which creates awareness amongst students and society about climate change, plastic pollution and...

Throwback to a successful campaign

Throwback to a successful campaign

Three still very useful facts about tap water. Did you know that the production of bottled water uses 2000 times more energy than tap water? Did you know that tap water is tested more often and more thoroughly than bottled water Did you know that it is 150 to 1000...

Measures against corona

Measures against corona

Given the recent developments regarding Covid-19, we have decided to cancel our activities until the end of March. We are closely following all KU Leuven advices and try to implement them as good as we can. Thanks a lot for your understanding! Do you have questions...