Zero Waste

You are in a rush, starving and decide to pick up some food in the way to school or office, eat really fast, and before you notice there’s a pile of waste in front of you. A plastic container, plastic cutlery, plastic wrapping, a paper cup with a plastic lid, napkins, ketchup and mayonnaise sachets, all delivered in a plastic bag. Not even 20 minutes of use, but unfortunately, most of that waste won’t biodegrade in at least 300 years.

This and similar scenarios repeat every day thousands and thousands of times, so naturally that imagining even a different reality can be difficult.
The Zero Waste movement is formed by people like you and us, who believe that a happy, fulfilled lifestyle is also conscious, simpler, and less wasteful. The Green Office Zero Waste team is created, not only with the purpose of raising awareness on the Waste global issues, but sharing experiences, tips and support on how simple swaps can impact not only our waste production, but our communities, and why not someday, the world.

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