Sustainability Week

online edition

Monday 27/4

Crash Course (Act4Change)

During this accessible online workshop, we will work with a small group on the concept of sustainability, explore concrete actions that can be taken at an individual and systemic level, and look for solutions to the barriers we experience to participate in the transition to a sustainable society. [workshop in Dutch]

Brainstorm 2030

A team of experts, professors and policy makers will brainstorm and think about useful research topics within the framework of Leuven2030. Main themes: neighbourhood renovation, climate adaptation & green infrastructure, data & monitoring.

Sustainable Quiz

During the entire week, you can participate in our online quiz. Test your sustainability knowledge and win beautiful prizes. 

Lockdown Challenge

All week long, our Campus Brussels working group continues their Lockdown Challenge on Instagram. Follow them and make sure you don’t miss a challenge!

Tuesday 28/4

Tree Talks

You might already have heard about Ecosia (no?). But there are many more initiatives planting trees around the globe. In this series of lectures, our speakers would love to tell you their stories — and inspire you to start your own tree-planting organization? We already reveal one name: Bed and Tree, a start-up that plants a tree every time you book a holiday. More speakers to be announced!

Project Testimonials

Did you know about Stick to Reusables and Ecosia on Campus? Both are Green Office projects led by students — and proposed by them. Are you the next person to propose and execute a sustainable project at the Green Office? Learn more about our projects in the project testimonials and get triggered for our upcoming project call.

Wednesday 29/4

Sustainable Decoration

Learn how to make your own decorations via tutorials made by our Student Repair Hub team. Videos will be posted on our website and on Facebook.

Sustainable Face Masks

Need some self-care these days? The Sustainable Food team will give you some tips on how to make eco-friendly face masks, using only food instead of chemicals. So, if you feel hungry while the mask is doing its work, it’s edible. Videos will be posted on our website and on Facebook.

Thursday 30/4

Green Impact Audits Award Ceremony

Every year the Eco Teams participate in a contest to carry out as many sustainable actions as possible in their workplace. April 30th, the winners will be announced and honoured. A great moment to take credit for their efforts and a big motivation to keep up the good work!

Covid-19 and its environmental impact

We all read in the news that the current measures have a positive impact on the environment. In Venice, they’ve spotted dolphins in the beautiful blue water, in some areas of the world the air got so clear they can see mountains that were up to now hidden by air pollution. Great? Yes! But what about the impact on the long term? And which reporting is true? What do experts think about the situation? Join the online panel debate and have your questions answered by a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

The lecture will be broadcasted live on our Facebook page:

Sustainable Cocktails

Sunny weather? Need to stay in your house? Perfect time to experiment on making cocktails! As the weekend is coming, our team will show you how to make cocktails made with leftovers. Who ever thought you could save the planet by drinking cocktails? Videos will be posted on our website and on Facebook.