Why we are informing students about Ecosia

22 November 2019

Wednesday, the Ecosia on Campus working group organized a pop-up at the Agora Learning Centre, to inform students about Ecosia. Why do we think that’s important?

The aim of the Ecosia on Campus project is to make Ecosia more popular at KU Leuven. Our first goal is is to make Ecosia the default search engine in the libraries. Our second goal is to run both an offline and an online campaign to convince students to download Ecosia on their own laptops and smartphones.

Our project fits into the international Ecosia on Campus project, initiated by the University of Sussex, and now spreading out all around the world (Edinburgh, Bristol, Oxford, Freiburg, Paris…). You can read more about the international project here.

We think Ecosia is a nice way for students to contribute to a greener world. As a Green Office, we know that students often don’t know what they can do, since lots of actions require money or time they don’t have. Ecosia, on the other hand, is free. Actually, you just have to continue doing what you’re already doing: looking things up.