Interview with Monica

28 April 2020

Name: Monica Lambrechts
Project: Stick to Reusables

Hi there, could you quickly introduce yourself? 

My name is Monica Lambrechts, a 3d year bachelor student of Physiotherapy and Revalidation Sciences.

How did you learn about the Green Office and about becoming a project manager?

I’ve been passionate about sustainability for quite some time now and I got to know Green Office because of the Tap it Up-campaign. I fell in love with Green Office and what they do right away when I learned more about it and wanted to be part of this organisation. I wanted to join Green Office to learn more about sustainability and to be part of a community of like-minded people. I was a member for a year in the ‘zero waste group’, and after this year of volunteering I got motivated to start on my own project: ‘Stick to Reusables’

Could you briefly explain your project? 

My project is about promoting reusable items among students. To do this, we created appealing stickers that can be put on the shop window of a restaurant, café or coffee bar. This way the owners can show they accept reusable items here, for example, a reusable coffee cup.

We also created a student guideline with all sorts of tips and tricks on how to reduce your waste in Leuven as a student. Apart from this, we worked together with Innovived, a student project that is developing 3D printing with recycled materials, to create an event on plastics: The future of plastics. It turned out to be a big success! We had five speakers and about 300 people came. 

What does the life of a project manager at the Green Office look like? 

As a project manager, you are responsible of making your project happen. You’re in charge of organising meetings with your team and leading them in a good way. You need to interact with everyone, brainstorm on ideas together with your team and work out how to make your project happen.

Apart from your own project, you’re also part of the core team of the Green Office. About every two weeks, there’s a meeting of the core team where you help on brainstorming about general problems/ideas/events and update everyone on your own project. 

What support do you receive from the Green Office?

As a project manager, you benefit from being registered as a KU Leuven job student. You receive the standard wage for job students at KU Leuven, but you also get access to a KU Leuven-work account on Toledo. Besides that, the core team of the Green Office, like the coordinator, are always there for you to help with any problems and to give you extra support. Everything is communicated very well, for example already at the beginning of the year you get a clear budget for the realization of your project.

What have you learned from being a project manager and how was your overall experience?

Being a project manager was very exciting and fun to do! I learned a lot, gained experience and developed skills such as taking responsibility, leadership, and working with and motivating others. I also developed other qualities like speaking and listening in a team. Moreover, it was very nice to have a positive impact on the university and realise something of my own. 

Any last tips for a potential new project manager?

Being a project manager is really great! It’s a lot of work and you will need to be responsible, but if you’re motivated, want to work with a fun group and want to have a positive impact in the university, Green Office is a good place for you!

Interested in proposing your own project?

We organize a brainstorm. Welcome!