Repair Hub Opening Event

14 October 2020

UPDATE 19/10 – Opening event cancelled

The Student Repair Hub is kicking off another year with their opening event! On October 21st from 16:00 – 19:00, they will be hosting their first set of workshops on zero waste pumpkin carving and bike tire care and repair. Registration required.

Pumpkin Carving Workshop

 At the pumpkin carving workshop, students will be able to carve a pumpkin for their studio or kot. The Repair Hub promotes a circular economy, so students will also be provided information on how they can use the whole pumpkin for soup and planting pumpkin seeds in the spring. Don’t forget to bring a container!

FietsAtelier Workshop

FietsAtelier will also host a workshop on how students can care for and repair bicycle tires. They will run through a number of tips and tricks on changing a tire and doing some quick tire repairs

Due to COVID-19 redulations, space is limited at each workshop. Register below to reserve your spot. See you there!