3 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Fashion

23 April 2021

(photo source: https://www.condenast.com/glossary/data-sources)

Sustainable fashion is gradually catching peoples’ attention. Why is sustainable fashion becoming a trend? And why should we support it? Here are three reasons that will draw you into loving sustainable fashion.

It reduces environmental impact.

From power and water consumption to carbon emissions, landfill impacts and chemical use in growing cottons, fast fashion undoubtedly is a problem. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), it takes 2720 liters of water to make only one t-shirt! To make this number less abstract, think of this as the amount of water that a person drinks in 900 days. Yes, this is an unbelievable amount! From the growing process of cotton to the production of the final product, the output for one t-shirt compared to the amount of input is inefficient indeed. However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot buy any t-shirt at all; instead we just need to shop more consciously and wisely, choosing the brands that create less impact on the planet.

It is better for people.

When supporting sustainable fashion, we are supporting fair labor. In 2015, The True Cost documentary revealed the inhumane condition that workers have to endure. Now, this means that it is the actually the workers who bare the costs for the companies’ competitive prices. Fast fashion companies keep their prices low to compete with one another, leading to the problem of underpaid workers in the developing world. Eventually this all comes down to economics, which means that eventually someone has to pay to fix this issue. As consumers, we can pay a bit higher for an item that is produced under friendly conditions, shop second-hand, or simply shop less and be more picky with the brands. With a trivial choice, we can save a person from horrible working environments or indirectly support a whole family by providing them reasonable wages.

You get better quality. 

Ethical fashion is higher quality. Those of one of us that have purchased fast fashion brands would agree that the clothing doesn’t last that long. This is because companies want us to buy more often and generate more profits. With the major world trend as we see on Instagram, people are pursuing instant and cheap garments, giving the brands the reasons to produce short life-expectancy clothing since they know it will be out of trend soon. On the other hand, sustainable fashion brands focus on quality, using materials that are kind to the environment and longer lasting. There are arguments towards the higher price of a sustainable fashion brand, but let’s be honest, how many items do we really need and how frequent do we need shop in a fast fashion brand? By choosing sustainable brands, we can reduce our waste as well as the amount of clutter we own (also saving money). When defining our own style instead of following the trend, we are simultaneously choosing better quality.

All of the above reasons are interconnected – from choosing brands to choosing materials used in production to our choice/style of clothing, every of us can make an impact. Well, let’s say owning a pair of classic and last-longing jeans is the motto for the future.

By Yen-Han Lee