Sustainability Week Recap (& Ongoing Events)

29 April 2021

Did you attend the sustainability week events? Here is a quick recap of the highlights.

Oceans Are Rising Panel

3 expert panelists go in-depth on climate action and explain the significance of the red lines on KU Leuven buildings. How high will the water levels rise? Rewatch the panel discussion with;

Lore van Praag: Head of the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies at the University of Antwerp. 

Sarah Maes: PhD researcher at the KU Leuven at the department of Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity Conversation.

Joeri Thijs: Spokesperson and Campaign Manager at Greenpeace.

Green Jobs Fair

Want to work towards a more sustainable future? At the Green Jobs fair, students got the chance to meet green businesses that are actively recruiting. Did you find your dream job or internship? Rewatch our panel with tips & tricks for sustainability job hunting.

 “It was really nice to see that it was exactly like a normal job fair – but online! I could jump from company to company and got insights from all businesses that I liked.” – Sanaa, BMA-Marketing Student

Plant-Based Food Q&A

What have you heard about vegetarianism, veganism and our carbon foodprint? At the ‘Meer Weten Over Plantaardig Eten’ our panel became food mythbusters. Rewatch the session (only in Dutch) and get tips on how to make what is on your plate more sustainable.

Ecofeminist Artivism Discussion

Climate change as a man-made problem with a feminist art solution – that was the concept explored during this interactive workshop with Harriet Bergman. Did this session inspire you to learn more about privilege, power and emotions surrounding climate breakdown? Continue learning and listen to her podcast here.

The Rise of Thrifting

On Earth Day, GO Brussels hosted a live insta session with two very fashionable influencers; @julietbonhomme & @laurafromthedesert. You don’t need to do a complete wardrobe overhaul but channeling your inner minimalist is already a step in the right fashion direction. Rewatch the first and the second Instagram session for tips on how to dress more sustainably and thrifting in Brussels.

 “There is no definitive sustainable lifestyle. You can adapt little by little. How you live your life speaks out what you advocate for.” – Ha, Sustainable Management Student


Lunch Lecture: Genetic Modification of Plants & Animals

Prof. Hans Rediers took us into the world of green biotechnology and what it means for our food future. How much of the food we eat is genetically modified and what does this mean for food security and our health? If you want something to watch while you eat, learn about GMOs here.

Rectoral Candidate Debate

Have you decided who you want as the new rector of KU Leuven? Maybe their position on sustainability at the university can help sway your vote. Unfortunately, the debate is no longer available online but you can find more info on the sustainability plans of prof. Jan Tytgat and rector Luc Sels on their websites.


Ongoing Events

Our work does not end with Sustainability Week. We have many more events and initiatives that you can still be a part of.

Revive Your Phone: (Smart)phone Collection

How many old smartphones and mobile phones do you still have in the back of a drawer, just collecting dust? These electronics are precious and making them has a major impact on our environment and communities. Do something good with your smartphone and donate them to A Smart World. Collection boxes are available on most KU Leuven campuses.

Lab Coat Collection

The Green Office is partnering with the KU Leuven Purchasing Department for the lab coat collection. Cotton production is very resource- and energy-intensive. By donating your old lab coat you are reducing your carbon footprint and doing a favour to all the students coming after you. Lab coat collection points are available in Leuven. 

Biodiversify Your Kot

Who doesn’t want to live in a green oasis and save the bees? That is why the Green Office and IAAS have challenged you to make your kot a haven for biodiversity. Who will be the winner of this 2-week competition? Follow the results here. This little visitor is definitely happy with the competition.

Thank you for participating in Sustainability Week! Follow our FB pages and Instagram to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.


By Abigail Gerrits