Bike-sharing in Brussels

3 May 2021

It’s now spring and summer is coming soon, let’s go get some sun! Grab your bike and go for a ride through the many beautiful parks of Brussels. But what if you don’t have a bike? Don’t worry, this city’s got you covered with plenty of bike-share options. Here, we share with you some of our favorite services.


The City of Brussels offers the Villo! Bike system at its 350 docking stations. A one-year subscription costs 35.70 euros and gives you unlimited 30-minute rides for the entire year. You also have the option of a one-day subscription for 1.65 euros where you have unlimited 30-minute rides for 24 hours or a seven-day subscription for 8.40 euros where you have unlimited 30-minute rides for a full week. For whatever subscription plan you have, just be sure you return the bike to a docking station within 30 minutes because if you go over the limit, there will be extra charges. If you need to go longer distances, just redock every 30 minutes and take out another bike. An extra convenience is that you can link your Villo! membership to your MOBIB card.

Billy Bike

If you’re not a big fan of slopes and inclinations, Billy Bike can help. These electric bikes can save you a lot of work. Unlike Villo!, Billy Bikes aren’t docked. They’re just parked on the curbside and you unlock them with the app. You could either pay as you go (20 cents/minute) or pre-purchase 200 minutes for 30 euros.


Like the Billy Bike, Uber also offers electric bikes that you can unlock with the app and pay as you go. The benefit of Uber is that on the same app you have access to either electric bikes or electric scooters and the service is available in other cities and countries.

Blue Bike

This is a great option for those of us who love to bike when traveling to other cities. The Blue Bike is available at major train stations throughout Belgium so next time you go to Bruges or Ostend, you know you can grab a bike there. With the exception of a few cities, the rate for the Blue Bike is 1.15 euros for 24 hours. Membership is 12 euros/year. An extra convenience is that you can link your Blue Bike membership to your MOBIB card.

If you’re subscribed to both Villo! and Blue Bike, you can actually use the same MOBIB card to ride the Villo! to a train station, take the train to another city, then grab a Blue Bike to ride around that city! Pretty neat right?

Enough said, it’s time to go out there and start riding. Sunshine, here we come.

By Pongsin Thepruangchai