3 Ways to Reduce Clothing Waste

27 May 2021

Image source: The Designers Studio

Are you still wondering what to do with your huge pile of clothes? Instead of throwing them away, here are 3 alternatives.

Swap or Sell or Donate

There are plenty of online platforms or applications where you can swap your clothes. You can visit a local thrift shop near you, as well. Nowadays, even fast fashion shops have recycling services for your clothes. Donation is another really nice initiative. You have to simply contact any charity that has the same belief with you, let them help you continue the life of your clothes for someone in need. Choose the most convenient way for you!

Be Your Own Fashion Designer

Maybe you are just simply tired of wearing the same piece or shirt throughout the whole summer. Apparently, throwing them away will be a waste since they are still in good conditions and are with beautiful patterns or high-quality materials. Look up creative ideas! You can find inspiring upcycle looks on all kinds of platforms, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Cut and turn them into new fashionable accessories to juice up your look! Imagine yourself wearing your unique headband made with your old silky blouse which is designed by you. 

Give It a New Life

If your t-shirts are totally wasted or become yellowish (which can easily happen) there’s definitely something else you can do with it! Why not try making it into a plant hanger? Or turn them into a new cover for your sofa or a rug or a sheet to cover…. creativity does not stop here. Navigate through your house and you will find a new use for your clothes. 

By Yen-Han Lee