Meet Our 2021-2022 Team!

30 November 2021

At the Green Office for KU Leuven, Campus Brussels, we’re a diverse bunch coming from different corners of the world but with a common interest that binds us – sustainability – and here are the people behind our projects:

Coordinator for Campus Brussels – Sanaa Bari was born and raised in Athens, Greece, but traces her family roots to Morocco. After finishing high school, she moved to Brussels to study Marketing. After one year of studying and interacting with people from other cultures, she understood how diverse the world is, and how important it is to conserve it. Sanaa found a way to positively impact the environment around her by joining the Green Office. She is a fan of TikTok and likes to have fun with her close friends.

Food Project Team – Abigail Gerrits is a Dutchie via Indonesia that has fallen into the pattern of moving (at least cities, sometimes countries) every 2 years. The latest move has brought her to Brussels where she sneaked into the Green Office when they weren’t even hiring. What doesn’t change is her fascination for local food and she hopes she can have a role in making sustainable food easily accessible for all communities.

Food Project Team – Pongsin Thepruangchai was born in Belgium and grew up in Mexico, Thailand, and the United States. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in economics, he spent the past few years in foreign service before deciding that he wanted to be a student again. He came back to Belgium to pursue his studies in business administration, and found himself a second mission at the Green Office. Pongsin is a big fan of 90s rock, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Belgian hot chocolate.

Food Project Team – Camila Neves was born and raised Brazilian with Portuguese roots, who found herself living in Belgium with her family at 16 y.o. after only over a month of planning. Passionate about travelling, nature and sustainability, her love for the Green Office developed quickly. She has a background in Marketing and you’ll find her working on social media designs for different projects and companies in her free time or during classes. If not watching Parks & Rec for the 1000th time, she’s either hiking, camping, cooking or sewing.

Food Project Team – Naman was born and raised in India. After completing high school he moved to Belgium to pursue his business degree. He is actively working on networking, sustainability and community service within the student community. During the covid pandemic he realized that sustainability and innovation is the only way to move forward in these changing times, so he joined green Office.

Sustainable Cosmetics Team – Coralie Van der Brempt was born and raised in Brussels (hey Belgium isn’t that bad after all) and has always been passionate about cultures, people and languages. When she was 17 she moved to Antwerp to learn Dutch and started studying there. After an Erasmus in Spain, she did an internship in Germany that was interrupted by the pandemic which brought her back to her Brussels’ roots. Her interests for sustainability grew during these times and the Green Office was the best opportunity to actively feed it.

Sustainable Cosmetics Team – Anna Knab was born in Austria but grew up in Brussels, where she is currently pursuing her Marketing studies. As her passion for sustainability is growing more and more every day, she is planning on pursuing her future Master studies in Sustainability Management, and decided to join the Green Office along the way. Her favorite things include cooking, baking (and most importantly eating) vegan treats, as well as watching bad rom coms.

Student Swop Stuff – After finishing high school in Taiwan, Yen Han Lee spent a year in France discovering the cities, the language, and also herself. She is now in Belgium, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration. The joy in seeing people putting their efforts into saving the environment and being conscious about the planet has led her to the Green Office, where she has met students from around the world who share her passion. Yen Han loves yoga, desserts, and the simple pleasure of wandering around.