Green Office for KUL Volunteers at Dreamkitchen

13 December 2021

13 December 2021 – We’re ending the school semester and kicking off our winter by joining the volunteers at Dreamkitchen to prepare food for the communal lunch at Abattoir Anderlecht. This is one of many activities organized by Cultureghem to help reduce food waste in Brussels’ biggest fresh produce market. To give you a better understanding of their model, this is what they do:

  • On Sundays they organize CollectMet where volunteers go around the market to collect unsold items that are still in great shape from the vendors. These food items are then stored in their refrigeration room to be used for the next few days.
  • On Monday-Thursday mornings they organize Dremkitchen where volunteers help prepare meals from the fresh produce collected earlier. People from the community (or really anyone who wants to come by) can join the communal lunch at noon. You can choose to pay whatever amount you like for this meal. For those in a difficult situation, it’s ok to eat without paying. The whole objective here really is to make sure that no one should have to go hungry. You can also take home some of the fresh produce to prepare your next meal yourself.
Chopping up the fruits and vegetables …
… and now to the cooking

Ever since we learned about this great initiative last year, we’ve been coming back every semester to volunteer with Cultureghem, either through CollectMet or Dreamkitchen, and spreading word among our student community. Food is definitely better shared than wasted. By preventing food from ending up in landfills, we could reduce the CO2 that is released when food decomposes – all this while also promoting the right to healthy food for everyone.

Big thanks to all the volunteers who joined us today and a shout out to Cultureghem for this awesome opportunity for students to see how they can make a difference!