Sustainable thesis: promoting pro-environmental behaviors

11 July 2022

Writing a thesis about sustainability is necessary to broaden our scientific knowledge about the topic. Zoé, Robin and Jens wrote one on this theme and we are happy to share their knowledge with you!

Summary of the thesis:

As human behavior contributes to biodiversity loss and global warming, knowledge about how to promote pro-environmental behaviors is increaslingly important. This is why Zoé Hermans, Robin Smismans and Jens De Koster set out to examine how consumers can be motivated to adopt more sustainable gardening practices. They conducted a field experiment in a Makro store to see if they can boost the sales of bee-friendly flower seeds using different marketing posters. One poster encouraged consumers to buy the seeds for the sake of biodiversity (i.e., to protect the bees), while another poster advertised the personal benefits of having a beautiful colorful garden. In comparison to a control condition, the poster stressing the biodiversity benefits of the seeds led to a significant increase in seed sales (71 vs. 39 sold packages of seeds). The effect of the personal-benefit poster was less clear-cut. The results of this master’s thesis illustrate the potential of biospheric marketing appeals for the promotion of pro-environmental behavior in the gardening domain.

Also inspired to write a thesis on the topic of sustainability? Go for it and if you need some guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us!