Café Recupel

This is the deal: you bring one or more old/broken electric devices to our café, and we’ll treat you with a beer, a hot dog or a soft drink. You get rid of your stuff, we recycle it. Sounds good eh? There will be good music as well, so bring some friends!

? Which devices? ?

Old mobile phone or smartphone, coffee machine, chargers … You can leave any electrical appliance that no longer works or that you no longer need, for free recycling. But in practice, they are probably small devices. Unless there is a discarded electric lawnmower or a broken washing machine in your room?

? What do we do with these devices? ?

We extract the valuable materials from the devices and recycle them. This is called urban mining. If they still work, they will go to De Kringwinkel where they will be sold for a small price. If they are irrevocably broken, they end up at Recupel. Who knows, your old smartphone will be the raw material for a new computer mouse.

?Mine your phone ?

This event is a side-event of the e-waste weeks (11-24 march) in which we collect old phones to recycle. For more info, check the Facebook event: Mine your phone – (smart)phone collection


21 March 2019


11:00 - 17:00


Alma 3
Alma 3 Heverlee Belgium 3001