E-waste recycling: What’s the social impact?

Did you know that very energy-intensive extraction techniques are used for the mining of metals? Since the easily accessible metal reserves in the soil have already been used up, we have to drill deeper and deeper to extract the necessary metals. This has consequences for the local communities in the south, who are victims of the ecological and social impact caused by these mining practices. This has already led to many conflicts in the past. How could we avoid the impact of the production of electronic devices in the South, here at home? There is more to it than just some goodwill, the legislation around e-waste isn’t that simple either. Fortunately, it’s also opening opportunities.

We will listen to two guest speakers who will talk about their insights on the social impact of E-waste. They’ll make sure that the last e-waste event will be an interesting one!

? Prof. Dr. Katja Biedenkopf: Climate, energy and environmental policy.

? Didier Appels: Close the Gap
(https://www.close-the-gap.org/ )

? Program ?

20h: introduction to the evening
20.15h: Prof. Dr. Katja Biedenkopf
20.45h: Didier Appels – Close the Gap
21.15h: Open dialogue with the audience
21.30h: FREE reception

? Mine your phone ?

This event is a side-event of the e-waste weeks (11-24 march) in which we collect old phones to recycle. For more info, check the Facebook event: Mine your phone – (smart)phone collection


21 March 2019


19:00 - 21:30


MTC1 01.03
MTC1 01.03 Leuven Belgium 3000