FULL Plogging and kickboxing at Open Gym // Sustainability Week

?Program ?
Plogging activity of 2 km as a warming up for the kickboxing class afterwards.

?For whom? ?
All students who want to do something sporty and want to contribute to a cleaner environment!

?What is plogging? ?
Plogging, a new running concept that came over from Sweden in 2018. The name of this activity is derived from the Swedish word ‘plocka’ (collecting) and jogging. Plogging is therefore a combination of jogging and picking up waste. Plogging is even a real workout, as participants not only walk, hike or walk, but also bend, squat and stretch!

?Registration ?
WE ARE FULL! Registrations are not possible anymore.

?Price ?
This activity is free, but a free contribution to support Open Gym is highly appreciated!

?About Open Gym ?
Open Gym Leuven builds sports infrastructure with recycled material. Open Gym has a clear mission: to stand up for the integration of Leuven minority groups, to raise awareness about the reuse of materials and to promote a healthy lifestyle. With sport as a fantastic tool. OG is supported by a large group of athletes. Thanks to these OG athletes, the initiative grows every day. Its permanent park is located in the Brandenstraat, under the E314 viaduct in Wilsele. You can also find a pop-up construction in the Bruulpark until the summer of 2019. By the summer you can also expect a construction at Stelplaats. Hungry for more? Come and learn strength training, kickboxing, yoga or climbing from the free weekly sports offer (check out Open Agenda at www.opengym.be).


07 May 2019


17:00 - 19:00


Brandenstraat, 3012 Leuven, België
Brandenstraat, 3012 Leuven, België