GO Talks: Sustainable ideas worth spreading

Have you heard of the inspiring powerful short presentations called TED talks? The Green Office Event-team proudly presents you our own version: GO Talks.

“GO Talks looks for engaging students whose talks expose their sustainable lifestyle to inspire other students.”

The Green Office presents you an inspiring evening full of sustainable stories from students like you. The Talks will be based on their own experiences and all about a different topic.

The program:
? Hannah & Jannik: They travelled around Europe in their van last summer. Hannah will tell you about her experience travelling in a van and Jannik will talk about the more practical side of making a van travelling proof. Follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/easypeasy.vintage/

? Benoit: He got interested in the problem of scarcity of metals that are used in electronics and the fact that there is so much electronic waste, so-called “e-waste”. He will tell us how he is making a difference right now, at this moment.

? Ysaline-Désirée: She tries to be a zero waste student in Leuven. She will tell us about her lifestyle and give us some zero waste tips and tricks. At this moment she is also active in the Zero Waste movement of the Green Office.

?Sander Wouters: With a background in product design, Sander does not only see problems, but also solutions. He thinks that involving every stakeholder is the key to solving local and global problems. He will tell us about how he wants to involve everyone in helping bees.

Afterwards, we will provide sustainable snacks and drinks.

Are you a student that has an interesting story to tell concerning sustainability? Please send an email to eva.schobyn@hotmail.com.


13 December 2018


19:00 - 21:00


Green Office for KU Leuven
Zwartzustersstraat 2 Leuven Belgium 3000