Soup Lunch: Can you put a price on clean air?

The Green Office for KU Leuven invites you to its first Soup Lunch this semester! For those who are new with the concept, students can come and enjoy their lunch break along with a free bowl of sustainable soup while a guest speaker comes and talks about a sustainable topic. The soup will mainly be made of ‘waste’ and seasonal vegetables and will always be vegetarian.

We welcome professor Rousseau from the research group for Economy and Corporate Sustainability at the KU Leuven. She will come and share her point of view related to the economic side of carbon emission and clean air. Among other things, the challenges and relevancy of monetizing ecosystem services will be discussed during the soup lunch.

You register by putting yourself on attending. We will only make as much soup as there are people participating, so don’t miss out on your free lunch!


02 May 2019


11:00 - 12:00


Green Office for KU Leuven
Zwartzustersstraat 2 Leuven Belgium 3000