The GO Ecolicious Foodhopping

A concept originating from Germany, foodhopping is an awesome way to get to know new people in the city and make some new friends!

The concept is fairly straightforward, you have three courses during the evening, namely: starters, main dish and dessert. For each of the courses you go to a new place.

You register with a friend (or you can get paired up with someone if you don’t have anyone to cook with 🙁 ) and you will provide one of the courses of the evening.

The evening looks as follows:
starters at the place of group one
main dish at the place of group two
dessert at the place of group three

In the context of sustainability we would like you to make a dish oriented around plant-based foods, since these products affect the environment, generally speaking, to a lesser extent. Unsure how to do this? No problem, we will send you some tips!

Interested? Register below!

Have an awesome day,

The GO Ecolicious Team


22 November 2017


16:00 - 21:00


At your place!
At your place!