Workshop Series on Ecofeminism: Artivism

Are you interested in ecofeminism or just a tiny bit curious about what it means and what it stands for? Then join the Green Office’s three-part workshop series! Each part consists of an interactive lecture with PowerPoint and a guided discussion, and the third session on artivism will consist of an art exhibition and open mic.

We finish the series with a lecture and discussion on ecofeminist art practices guided by Harriet Bregman and Maysa.
Here we’ll explore the concept of artivism and what it means to combine activism with art. Further on, we’ll discuss some polemical questions on the rights to authorship of ecofeminist art. At the end, there will be an open tour through the exhibition of ecofeminist art, and readings of ecofeminist poetry and short stories
18h: Reception and first two guided tours through the art works (one at 18.15 and one at 18.45) 
19:30 – 21:30: Workshop on artivism by Harriet Bregman and Maysa – more time for art and discussion afterwards (drinks and snacks provided)
Registration soon to come


21 April 2021


18:00 - 21:30