What we do


Every Monday a surprising package of veggies and fruit? All students and staff members of KU Leuven can order a veggie bag online and pick it up at the Green Office.

The foodies of the Green Office. They look for sustainable ways of cooking and invite students to the Green Office for cooking workshops. Want to participate?

Fixing your stuff in a cosy setting, that’s what the Green Office Repair Hub wants you to do. You can also come along for workshops and repair cafés.

The Green Office is also active in Brussels, organizing workshops and setting up sustainable projects for all KU Leuven students in Brussels.

Biodiversity and wellbeing go hand in hand. That’s why the BEE Positive team has taken on the task of promoting the impact of biodiversity on our daily lives.

With the Doculatino Filmfestival, Catapa wants to shine a light on the problems of the global ICT supply chain. 

Save the world. Write a thesis. The Green Office Living Lab encourages students to write a thesis with impact by connecting students and sustainable topics.

Students, companies and organizations are brought together at our Job Fair, which is part of the greater Sustainability Week. Want to know more about a green lifestyle?

Did you know you can plant trees while surfing the internet? The Green Office wants to make Ecosia the default search engine at KU Leuven, and on your computer.

Did you know that you can rent our electric cargo bike for free? The Green Office enables students and student associations to drive their stuff sustainably.

Past Projects

Stick to Reusables

More and more people use reusable cups and jars to get their coffees and pastas. The Green Office encourages them and convices others to join.

Tap it Up

The Green Office wants you to enjoy tap water. That’s why we made our own bottles and built water taps all around KU Leuven campus. 

News about our projects

Bike-sharing in Brussels

Bike-sharing in Brussels

It’s now spring and summer is coming soon, let’s go get some sun! Grab your bike and go for a ride through the many beautiful parks of Brussels. But what if you don’t have a bike? Don’t worry, this city’s got you covered with plenty of bike-share options. Here, we...

3 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Fashion

3 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Fashion

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How Can a College Student Own a Sustainable Wardrobe?

How Can a College Student Own a Sustainable Wardrobe?

In most cases our first impression is that the fashion industry costs our earth one way or another, when in fact fashion and sustainability can coexist. So, as college students, how can we build budget friendly yet sustainable wardrobes? The very first step is to know...