Since March 2019, the Green Office as been active on KU Leuven Campus Brussels.

As an extension of the Green Office for KU Leuven our mission is to bring sustainability closer than ever to the students of Campus Brussels via cool events, interactive workshops, inspiring guest lectures and hands-on tips and tricks to reduce your ecological footprint. We are also active within the campus, we do our best to implement more of our sustainable and elaborated ideas into the campus itself.

In the last months, we have organised several events on sustainable topics, such as a movie screening and a breakfast sale for charity. We have also supported campus-broad Green Office campaigns such as the Mine Your Phone campaign, the Tap it Up campaign and the Eco Challenge. At the start of every semester, we organize sustainability tours and info sessions.

Meet the Brussels team!

Coordinator for Brussels Campus
Pascale Maas (Netherlands)
Bachelor of Environment and Prevention Management

Over two years ago, Pascale decided she wanted to have more meaning in life. The first logical choice was an education in the field of sustainability. She crossed the border to Belgium to pursue this. The next logical choice was to be part of the Green Office for KU Leuven. Pascale also loves to spend time on yoga, outdoor sports, and having a drink. Did you know she gives yoga class to her fellow Green Officers every once in a while?

Anne Corstjens (Belgium)
Bachelor of Environment and Prevention Management

Born and raised in Liège, but currently living and studying in Brussels. With already a degree in International Entrepreneurship, covering her strong interest in business, culture & travel (especially Asia), she is pursuing her other passion, sustainability. Besides studying, you can find Anne being a proper plant mom and taking care of her plant babies, saving the world by trying to go green & be zero waste, and hanging out with friends (preferably with a delicious special local beer).

Manager – Sustainable Food
Ha Doan (Vietnam)
MBA Sustainability Management

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, she came to Belgium in 2016 to study for a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. It was during this time that Ha became a member of the Green Office, which led her to the decision to pursue a Masters’ in Sustainability Management. Easily excited, naturally talkative, and intrinsically a foodie and a traveler.

Manager – Student Swap Stuff
Yen Han Lee (Taiwan)
Bachelor in Business Administration

After finishing high school in Taiwan, Yen Han spent a year in France discovering the cities, the language, and also herself. She is now in Belgium, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration. The joy in seeing people putting their effort in saving the environment and being conscious about the planet has led her to the Green Office, where she meets students from around the world with shared interests. Yen Han loves yoga, desserts, and wandering around.

Finance Manager
Bianca Melodia (Italy)
Bachelor in Business Administration

Born in Florence, Italy, Bianca moved to Brussels after high school in order to study in a more international environment. She enrolled in a business program because she’s passionate about current economic insights. Also caring deeply about sustainability, she decided to contribute to the cause by becoming a member of the Green Office. She loves to cook, travel, and spend time with friends.

Sanaa Bari (Greece)
Bachelor in Business Management (Marketing)

Sanaa was born and raised in Athens, Greece, but traces her family roots to Morocco. After finishing high school, she moved to Brussels to study Marketing. After one year of studying and interacting with people from other cultures, she understood how diverse the world is, and how important it is to conserve it. Sanaa found a way to positively impact the environment around her by joining the Green Office. She is a fan of TikTok and likes to have fun with her close friends.

Internal Communications
Christopher Stahle (Belgium/Sweden)
MBA Sustainable Management

Born and raised in Ukkel, half Swedish half Belgian and a passionate rock climber. Chris developed an interest in sustainability thanks to his father, yet did not decide to pursue a career in this field until the discovery of the MBA-Sustainable Management. An MBA in Taxation was his first choice! Chris found his way to the Green Office through his brother and immediately liked the positive student organization. How do you make him happy? Simple. Memes, beer and 80s music.

External Communications Team
Anouk Bries (Belgium)
Bachelor of Environment and Prevention Management

After graduating high school, Anouk chose to study environment and prevention management because she has always been interested in sustainability. She later joined Green office for the same reason. Anouk is a fan of indie rock music and the Arctic Monkeys. She likes going to concerts and music festivals, collecting vinyl records, and dancing. Thrift shopping and hanging out with friends are great too. Anouk has many ambitions and always wants to learn new things – she hopes to play the electric guitar one day!

Pongsin Thepruangchai (Thailand)
MBA Leadership and Change Management

Pongsin was born in Belgium and grew up in Mexico, Thailand, and the United States. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in economics, he spent the past several years in foreign service. He came back to Belgium to pursue his studies in business administration, and found himself a second mission at the Green Office. Pongsin is a big fan of 90s rock, the Los Angeles Lakers (2020 Champions!), and Belgian hot chocolate.

Joshua Hopkins (Scotland)
Bachelor in Business Management (Marketing)

Joshua was born in Scotland. He studied Politics previously in Scotland at the University of Strathclyde but left after a year to pursue a course in Belgium. After a volunteering experience in South Africa, Joshua became passionate about conservation and the environment. From this, Joshua found his way to the Green Office. Joshua is heavily interested in the conservation of sharks and hopes to do another volunteering experience with Great Whites.

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