Revive Your Phone

Want to have a positive social and ecological impact? Give a second life to your old smartphones and tablets! 

Help underprivileged people by donating or selling the old devices to aSmartWorld for refurbishment or credible recycling, so they can keep in touch with family and friends! How does it all work? Discover the process and campaign instructions on their website.

Contribute to this project to prevent the devastating ecological and social consequences linked to the mining of metals needed to produce electronic devices. 95% of the metals present in electronic waste can actually be reused through credible recycling and “Urban Mining”. Unfortunately, however, only 1-2% of all mobile phones worldwide are recycled….

Look for unused or broken (smart)phones or tablets in your drawers, then drop these off at one of our collection points from April 19th through April 30th and become part of the solution!

Where are these collection points?

  • 2Bergen Campus Arenberg (Willem de Croylaan 6)
  • Leercentrum Agora (Edward van Evenstraat 4)
  • Campus Gasthuisberg O&N ALO – Leercentrum Désiré Collen (4th floor, Herestraat 49)
  • Campus Groep T (A. Vesaliusstraat 13)
  • The Green Office (Zwartzusterstraat 2 – only on Monday from 3pm until 7pm)
  • Brussels: T’Serclaes (Warmoesberg 26)

Let us know your expectation and test your knowledge on ICT recycling by completing this small survey.

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