Who is who

Meet the team behind the Green Office for KU Leuven!

Lisa Driessen

Network and volunteer manager

As network- and volunteer-manager, I am responsible for the recruitment of the volunteers and organising teambuildings and workshops. The “network” part of my job involves a seat on the Sustainability Council of the KU Leuven, where sustainability policy is discussed and where Ashley and I represent the Green Office. Furthermore, I help organise our big activities like kick-offs and the yearly Sustainability week. You could say I am a bit of a veteran as this is my fifth year at the Green Office. So if you have any questions about the history, present or future of the Green Office, feel free to send me a message!


Kobe De Maeyer

Living Lab coach

Hi folks! I am Kobe, I’m a 20 years old student and together with Pommelien and two ever motivated volunteers we are the organising team of the Green Office Living Lab. As a jobstudent working for this dream team I am mostly coordinating the Living Lab events and our sustainable thesis community. Working for the Green Office not only feels like a nice opportunity to get to know like-minded students and develop some extracurricular soft skills, it also enables me to be part of the daily steps towards a more sustainable future. In fact, Sustainability truly forms the foundation of my everyday life, past and especially future. I am not only studying it as a geographer, besides Green Office I am also very active in several other (youth) organisations concerning sustainability and global justice. In essence, sustainability means for me the fuel of my passions, beliefs, activism and a mindset to dare thinking beyond the boundaries and outdated structures of our society in order to assure a justice future for us all.


Pommelien Coppens

Living Lab coach

Hello! I am Pommelien. I love sunlight, coffee and plants (hence the picture). Besides that, I love walking in nature, doing yoga, cooking with veggies & friends and expressing myself through art. I am in my last year studying Bioscience Engineering – Agro and ecosystem engineering, which I find to be very interesting! At the Green Office, I coordinate the Living Lab project together with Kobe. We try to connect students through sustainability and inspire them to learn from each other. For me, sustainability is a guideline in life. I make decisions (big or small) with this in mind. In that sense, it is almost a lifestyle or religion. I truly believe that we as students can be the next fully green generation.


Nikoleta Boroń

Campus Operations & Sustainable Fashion coach

Hi everyone! My name is Niko and I am the coordinator for the Campus Operations and Fair Fashion at the Green Office. I’m studying chemistry at school. My reason for joining the Green Office is because I wanted to connect with people that share an action mindset when it comes to climate emergency. For me, sustainability is about compassionate mindfulness towards the Earth and other people.
Avoiding participating in systems oppressing others, learning about the
regenerative practices and advocating for change.


Kathryn Hermann

Events Team coach

My name is Kati and I am the Events Team Manager! We focus on semester wide themed events of our volunteers’ choices. I’m initially from Chicago, US and moved to Belgium September 2020. Currently, I’m studying the master’s of Water Resources Engineering at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. I was initially a volunteer the month after I started KU Leuven. I did not want to wait to advocate and encourage sustainable changes until my job. I wanted to do something right away, concrete – truly make a difference from a grassroots level. Green Office was the perfect way to do this with their connection with the Sustainability Office. It was also a great way to start making friends as an international student. For me, sustainability is more than just climate change, it is a way to transform ourselves to help Mother Earth. It is the attempt to make conscious choices to have a long-lasting positive impact by improving our daily lifestyles. I believe sustainability should be conducted from a holistic approach as it does not involve just ‘fixing’ the environmental destruction but also a worldwide people movement. And that simply starts with each of our internal desires to actually make a change in the world: real actions versus just talking about it.


Charlotte Ede

Veggie Bag coach

Hi! I am Charlotte, the Veggie Bag coordinator on the Sustainable Foods Team. I am English, grew up in Dubai and now am studying an MA in European Studies here at KU Leuven, but my background is in languages. I love working with the Green Office because it is so important to do something outside of your usual skills and to discover new things! I joined the Green Office also because of my love of local, vegan cooking and my belief that the way we eat can have an impact on the world. I think that the “sustainable” in “Sustainable Foods” refers to the ability to find food habits which can be sustained over the long term future and which will not impact negatively upon the future generations ability to feed themselves.


Rebecca Bayer

Sustainable Foods coach

Hi!! My name is Rebecca and I am the coordinator Sustainable Foods for the upcoming semester. I am a Dutch master student in “Actuarial and Financial Engineering”. However, ever since I switched to being vegan / vegetarian I have found it very important to also apply sustainability in my daily life. Combining my mathematical background with the inspiring Green Office is my main goal this year! The Green Office is an amazing place to meet likeminded people and share sustainable ideas. It’s a great addition to the long hours students usually spend in lectures and the library. When not in the Green Office you will find me running or cycling through the beautiful surroundings of Leuven. Hope to meet you all soon!


Caitlin Van der Jonckheyd

Coordinator Student Repair Hub

Hi, I am Caitlin, a theatre-loving, D&D playing, book reading Anthropology student. I found the start of my sustainability journey here at the Green Office and want to make the Student Repair Hub a first stop for all student repairs or green needs. This job is the first job I’ve had that aligns with my ideals and gives me a good feeling when I close my laptop at night. Therefore, I will be sad to leave next year, but I hope to leave the Student Repair Hub thriving and having had a positive impact on sustainability for students in Leuven.


Ellen Hayen

Website and graphic design

Hi there! My name is Ellen and I’m in charge of the website and graphic design. I am currently in a masters in Communication Sciences at the KU Leuven but I already hold a professional bachelor in Communication Management. I’m relatively new in the sustainability scene and chose the Green Office to further develop my journey towards a more mindful and greener day-to-day life. I really like the idea to support fellow students with positive, easy and maintainable strides towards sustainability. Therefore I hope to give my all this semester and contribute to some real changes!


Laure Dedecker

Communication coordinator and social media manager

Hello! I am Laure and I am the “communication coordinator and social media manager” of the Green Office. This job gives me the opportunity to mix my passions for communication and sustainability. I am a 3rd bachelor communication sciences student at KU Leuven. In the first semester, I had the chance to go abroad for my studies in Sweden. Through this Erasmus, I saw the positive changes that were made there in order to create a more sustainable lifestyle. This experience drove my interest and my call to action even more. Now I have the opportunity to actively contribute to a network of like-minded and eager students. Besides Green Office, almost all my spare time goes to dancing and to a local youth theater/musical group.


Sanaa Bari

Coordinator Green Office Campus Brussels

Hi, I’m Sanaa Bari. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece but my family roots trace back to Morocco. After finishing high school, I moved to Brussels to study Business Management & Marketing at Odisee Hogeschool. After one year of studying and interacting with people from other cultures, I understood how diverse the world is and how important it is to conserve it. I found a way to positively impact the environment around me by joining the Green Office in 2020. For me, sustainability is a balance between the needs of people and Earth. My dream / goal is to find the equilibrium and apply it to our everyday life.


Ashley Mertens

Coordinator Green Office (Staff)

Communication Sciences graduate (2010)
What I do: Coaching, guiding and supporting the Green Office Members in achieving
their goals within the University of KU Leuven (and beyond?)

Zwartzustersstraat 2, 3000 Leuven
greenoffice@kuleuven.be || ashley.mertens@kuleuven.be
+32 16 37 43 30